Open Space for Open Minds


from Mount Mitchell, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Secular Sanctuary is a new alternative kind of “congregation” for people who are not interested in “going to church,” have left orthodox religion or those who find themselves on the wild edge of traditional congregations.  Nature is our “church beyond church” (our temple, synagogue, mosque).  The natural world is our “scripture,” our creed and clergy.  Nature is our classroom and cathedral.

You could think of SecSan as a kind of “Sierra Club for the Mind”. . .yet it’s more;  a “Hiking or Walking Meetup”. . . yet it’s more.

To paraphrase one “secular saint,” John Muir:

“No sanctuary made with hands can compare with the natural world.”

Together we may explore a forest trail or mountainside, a park or garden, along a river, lake or ocean.  Wherever we go in Nature is a free space for free thinking–an honest exchange of ideas and experience, led by the light of Reason.

Maybe we’ve left the “sacred sanctuaries” made with hands.  Maybe we’re still connected to a tradition, a religion, a faith but are open to something more.  Maybe we never felt the need for faith.  Wherever we’re coming from, we’re coming together to offer a mindful, inspiring alternative to the old, well-paved trails.  We sense the need for wilder paths to explore.  Our gatherings offer a different choice to traditional theistic religions that no longer fit our “spiritual” sensibilities.  We are willing to risk the unmarked trails as secular, post-supernatural, human beings.

Welcome to our celebration of the natural world, and our place in it.

Welcome to the Secular Sanctuary!

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